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Monday, January 10, 2011

Stereotyping Again?

      Stereotypes are not a myth! They exist! Do you agree or you want prove? Why do you think the word stereotype was even in the dictionary? LOL XD.( Sorry. that was a wrong way to start a topic. I seemed crazy somehow. ) But I got a question, are stereotypes rare? or easy to find? HAHA. Its hard for me to think of a definition for the word. Hmmm... I guess stereotypes are those people who can't seem to understand the word INDIVIDUALS.

      You can see whether a person is stereotype through their judgement, opinion, reaction, and also question. Like in this conversation.

Girl A : Ohmy, I'm so scared hearing of this recent rape cases. Luckily, the police managed to catch that guy.
Girl B : Yeah, I heard about it too. Hey, do you know the race of that rapist?
Girl A : If I'm not mistaken, he's a (DON'TFILLINTHEBLANKS). Why?
Girl B : REALly? No wonder! Those people are always like that.
Girl A : How do you know?
Girl B : What are the odds? (In Malayisan style : Biasalah.)

      Obvious stereotype there. Yes, don't fill in the blanks =.= . One typical stereotyping, blondes are stupid. No, they are not.

      Well, my friend once ask me. Why are filipino people proud? Oh, dont be mistaken. We are not proud like arrogant, but by proud, we meant we are not ashamed of who we are. Of course, that's what everyone should think and say. Yes, there is that status thingy, that the rich won't mixed with the poor, but still, it's not everybody. This is because people remember more the bad things, rather than the good. Sadly, a mistake or action done by a person of the same religion/race/group as us, we gets his/her name. People would start disliking us as if we did the crime (most hatings are kept secret but obvious).

      If I'm stereotyping, I should remind myself, that every person is different, uniquely different. They got their own choice and action. Not everyone in a certain group/race/religion does the same stuff. Everyone has their own opinion and interest. Respect it.

      My words of advice would be, " Everyone is an individual. Don't confuse one/me for another "


Liz Mayne Lim said...

Uuuu. People like me are mostly being stereotype... haha. Like a criminal. Strong words :) They are cool. I like it. Hate it when people being stereotype..... Too many

Liz <3

jen | clarion said...

You're being stereotype or you're being stereotyped? haha. Yeah, felt that too. Thanks :). Can;t count those group of people, they hide among us. lol

Liz Mayne Lim said...

I missed the d..... Well so true