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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fear of Falling

Humpty Dumpty wouldn't like this view.

Did you ever felt the fear of falling?

      Well, if you were an egg, falling would be your deathbed. But being a person holding an egg, you'd not want it to fall too right? Because when it breaks, you'd have to clean up that mess. Nothing's delicious about a failure. But some people loves to laugh on other's failure ( an annoying form of laughter ). Is it still hilarious even when that person starts to cry? Please, be considerate! Ermm, is talking about egg makes you hungry? HAHA. Okay, I should use words that doesn't have anything to do with food.

      I remembered those times when I accidentally tripped and fell onto the ground, and people would start laughing at me instead of giving me a hand, and make it the joke-of-the-week. The next morning they'll remind me when, where and how I dropped. LOL, see how specific can people be. People nowadays are very lazy to move, they do more watching and waiting. And what happens? NOTHING. A city would not appear out of nowhere.

      I'll get straight to the point. The fear of falling is the same as the fear of failing, and this is what I'm trying to say. WE FEAR FAILURE. People always think that Failure is our enemy and Success is the best friend that we hope to meet soon. I can't deny, I fear failure. I was never ready to fail, the only thing in my mind was success. So when I failed, I couldn't accept it. Sometimes I would even give up. You had that thought before right? But after these trials and triumphs, I realised that we learn from our failures which slowly leads us to success.

      So don't worry, feel sorry or embarrassed about it. You should know that every single fall, is not forever, and we can always stand up after that. Chances and possibilties exist everywhere, so don't limit it with doubt. Whatever that mistake might be, repent and make a better person out of your old self. You can be better than what you are now. You always could.

      Nothing's too early, nothing's too late (except death).
      Put 'LATER' aside, what matters is 'NOW'. 
      Take this chance to make a change.      


Liz Mayne Lim said...

I ever been in that position before. They nvr will understand bt wat cud i say

jen | clarion said...

hmm, well. we gotta be patient, even when others are losing it.