Random art

Random art

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Caught Crying

lonely, dusty bunny

Then silence broke.
You caught me crying.

You'll remember how I used to smile, as if life goes on perfectly.
You'll ask me, I'll only answer with tears.
You'll sit there for a moment, saying that I'm not alone.
You'll be leaving sooner, and I won't be feeling any better.

Wait, I did.
Tears always drop and dry,
but time never move backwards.
I realised that I won't fall forever
I moved on from my mistakes
For the past is behind, the future is ahead

I went to see you, but

I caught you crying.

Then I remembered how you used to remind me to be strong.
Not just to cry over every mistake, but to stand up everytime you fall.
Now you locked yourself , crying behind that door.
And I'm here leaning, just hearing you from the other side.
I knocked to a count of eleventy-seven,
But no one answered.
I wanted to help,
But you won't let me.

The rain slowly faded.
It was for a moment.
I couldn't help a friend.

And now,
I caught myself crying again,
I'll always do.

Question : Did I sound patheticly sympathetic?
                I guess that my heart is bigger than my ego. :)