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Random art

Monday, January 3, 2011

Beginner's First Words

     From the title above, you might have guessed me as a newbie blogger, well, yes I am :). I'm now trying to familiarize myself with everything that exist in blogpsot.com and the people in it. Basicly, this blog counts as my new year's resolution, which was supposed to be on 1.1.2011, but busy times kept me, well, busy. HAHA. Second reason is to express myself and know more about others and their points of view. Third reason is to practice writing in English :D. There can be a lot of purpose to blogging, I just haven't thought of it yet. Oh yes, not to forget, sharing and learning, that's blogging for me :).

     Here's a brief introduction of myself. I'm Jen, 17 and still growing older ( just to comfirm that I'm not a vampire. lol ). I'm still scared of vegetables. haha. My favorite colour is white, and no, I don't hate the other colours. Yeah, winter will never exist in Malaysia, but I still adore winter wear :P. One of my hobby is drawing, I drew like thousands of times on countless amount of paper( even my school notebooks and textbooks ), but I never felt like stopping. Haha. That's quite a short and sweet intro, wasn't it?. haha. What else should I mention about myself? Well, you can ask or you'll slowly know me through reading my future posts that surely will come :).

BTW, sorry if the blog seems uninviting or uninteresting, but I did what I can do as a newbie. And yes, every comment or opinion is very welcomed! :). You can even comment on my language and grammar. Lol XD.


Liz Mayne Lim said...

Welcome to the world of blog... :D hope u enjoy blogging hehe. sweet introduction (as if I know u for the first time lol). Lookin forward for future post hehe

Liz Mayne Rebel

jen | clarion said...

thnx :). yeap, starting to enjoy it. LOL. hehe, okay. myb tomorrow. :)

myLife said...

huhu..weLcome Dear..
wow i like u language ma..

jen | clarion said...

really? thnx. slowly improving. hehe :D