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Random art

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Obviously. I am not you. So why do you expect ME to be YOU? and When is being myself a crime?

    But society nowadays can't seem to accept us for who we are. They'll love us for following the trend or something that they themselves do or expect. They'll hate us for being different. You know that God created us to be unique and special in our own way, but people are trying to act the same, just to be accepted. YES, its funny when people can't accept or cooperate with different stuff, that means they are not ready to learn something else that's new. So when are you actually ready to learn?

    I dislike it when I heard the word, " I'm open minded ". Sorry, this might offend. I said dislike because I once like it when people say that, but now, it's a questionable word, mostly a klise. A commonly-used word that lost its meaning - such as " I love you ". Well actually, there are people that I heard this word from aren't that open-minded. So my advice is to be careful or sure when you're going to use the word open-minded, because in the end, there might be a chance you can't accept it yourself.

    It felt so bad, when someone say he/she is open-minded, you'd tell your story or opinion, then we would get scolded or insulted. To me it would have felt like as if someone just vomited my words back to my face (unpleasant view) . That wasn't what I'd expect from an open-minded person. Like this person, he/she said he was open minded, but he/she scolded without a second thought, and didn't let the other to explain or question. And yet, he/she still calls himself rational and open minded. Why can't you realize it? I guess you're always right? If you're perfect, I wouldn't complain.

    Like some parents, they hate it when we answered (talk back), or even questioned, because they would think we are disrespecting them. But did they ever think that we were just trying to express what we needed to? Maybe even to defend ourselves? Did keeping us shut violated our rights? YES. Justice is not only for the court, it's for us. Most people now are not chasing their dreams, instead, they are living up to someone else's reputation and expectation. And why this happen? Well, they fear of other's disagreement. Everyone says that 'no man is an island' , yeah, we fear that. Sometimes parents also can't accept the way we dress-up or interest, and teenagers would always say that the parents are 'old-minded'. It's a hard world to live in when we can't agree with each other.

    Conclusion, I want to live life my own way. I don't want to imprison myself with your idea of 'ME'. Sorry, I just can't be you. I'd be lying to myself if I did. I'm not even a copycat. You know who you are, stop hiding behind that mask, that mask is not anything to be proud of, and the real you is not something to be ashamed of.

BE yourself. Everyone else is taken. :)


Liz Mayne Lim said...

Even breaking stuff or whatever I do ppl start lookin bad at me but who care? Its not wrong being ourselves. Even so I still love it coz its not a crime to be myself. :)

jen | clarion said...

well, if u break other's stuff that would be a bad thing :/. the prob is we didn't hurt anyone but people start hating us. haha. great thing u love yourself :). no grammar mistake? lol

Liz Mayne Lim said...

nah, I never break others' stuff because I know how its not ours and they might be important. Yeah, no idea why. I love my own way ^^

jen | clarion said...

yeah, that's good :D. yeap, by pretending, we somehow suffer.